Change happens. It cannot be stopped. It cannot be slowed.

On the molecular level, compounds break down, elements join to create compounds, both process givng off or taking in energy, effecting their environment. In your body cells are constantly dying and are being replaced. Your brain is continually creating new synapses, new pathways, and dismantling others. Societies and cultures continue to change as they interact with each other and with their environment. Interacting with our environment changes it, which changes us and our societies and cultures. As we develop new tools with which to interact with our environment, those change us, and it, and us...

Change is like a river, flowing. To try to stop it just causes turbulence, wasting energy. Change is promise and opportunity. Stagnation is rot and decay, and will not last. The things causing turbulence will erode or rot away.

We cannot go back to "how things were". "Were" no longer exists. We can't keep things as they are. That "are" no longer exists. Embrace change, it proffers hope and promise. Fighting change only wastes energy and demeans your life. Always learn, always think, always create.

Do not rely on nor believe in "the past". And, certainly, never entertain a wish to return to it. While it may give some rough guidance,it is, by definition, not up to date. It is not based on current information and the current reality. The past holds no promise, only a history of promises.