The Deep State

I just read an article about Qanon and the plans of a right wing group to overthrow the German government. Apparently both, and others, cling to a theory that there is a "deep state" that is actually running things.

This view is not totally absurd. It is a natural conclusion to be reached from a reductionist world view. From the reductionist view point, it appears that the govenment is not truly in control. Businesses don't seem to be in control. Political parties don't seem to be in control. Individuals don't seem to be in control. So, there must be some hidden element that controls things.

There is. Something that is hidden from a world view of reductionism or separation. Connections and interbeing are in control. When you look at the parts of the system you cannot predict how the whole will perform. Our economic and political systems, intimately intertwined, are much like the human body, in that there is no one organ that controls the rest. All of the organs work in concert to keep the total body alive. Because people are usually trained to see parts, they do not see the connections that keep the system working. Due to the mindset, many people assume that because they cannot identify a part of the system that controls it, there must be a hidden part, when, in fact, they are sensing the interbeing of an autopoietic system.

The "deep state" is synergy.

Synergy is the function of the whole which cannot be predicted from reductionists' knowledge of the parts.