The Problem with Direct Democracy

The NCID (National Citizens Initiative for Democracy) or other movements for a direct democracy have a flaw, unfortunately. While it sounds great that every citizen has a direct say in every decision, it allows every citizen a say in decisions that will not affect them and they know nothing or little about. Imagine an issue that affects a million citizens... They are given an opportunity to meet, learn from and inform experts and collaboratively arrive at a solution. Chances are, it's a good solution which will be supported by the 1,000,000. You are going to allow another 199 million voters who have only passing (at best) familiarity with the issue, susceptible to propaganda due to little knowledge, and no stake in the outcome, to make a decision?

Another perspective... NCID assumes a "they" who defines the problem, arrives at a solution, by whatever means they choose, and words the solution in such a way that there can be an up or down vote. We're back to where we are: a ruling class deciding what we may decide.

Democracy is a conflict resolution process. What we need is a consultative, collaborative process to move forward.