Some Important Distinctions

There are a number of words which, in common practice, are used interchangeably, sometimes to the detriment of understanding, and certainly to the detriment of thinking comprehensively. I'll try here to differentiate, as I see some of the confusions.

Value and Wealth

Value is inherent. Wealth is created only when the construct of ownership is applied.
For example: A tree has value as a living, breathing entity, an element in a living network.
A tree does not produce wealth until it is cut down and sold (change of ownership) as lumber or pulp wood.
It is not unusual for wealth to replace value in this way.

Function and Purpose

Function is how something exists. Purpose is why something exists.
For example: Ford Motor Company's function is to build cars.
Ford Motor Company's purpose is to make money.
If FoMoCo could fulfill its purpose by not building cars, it would function by not building cars.