Human Value

Every human on earth has value. That value exists because every human on earth has the potential to solve problems, create, and innovate, thereby increasing the chances of Mankind's continued existence on Spaceship Earth. Education, encouragement, inclusion can aid that potential but removing those factors does not eliminate the potential. That possibility exists that if Otis Redding had spent a few more days sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away, he may have seen a way to capture that tidal energy to produce power, weaning us off of fossil fuels. An engineering degree may have helped. Being accepted as a being a living rather than earning a living--thinking is not wasting time--could have been encouraging. But not having those things does not remove the possibility of a break through understanding.

This value, integral to every human being, is the motivation behind the Universal Basic Resource Allotment. This is in some ways similar to a Universal Basic Income but better defines the goal. Basic Resource Allotment means providing a person with the basics needed to sustain life: water, food, housing, clothing. Providing a basic income can be problematic because it is dependent upon how we define money or wealth. Our current definition of wealth (decreed by central banking institutions) has little to do with resources, but is rather another person's debt. The wealth of a bank is your credit card or mortgage debt, for instance. While money can buy resources, there is no connection between money and resources. Money, or wealth, is a zero sum game. The goal is to provide needed resources. Basic Resource Allotment has to be Universal. First, of course, humans and their potential are universal. Second, if one nation were to institute a Basic Resource Allotment, it would squander far too many resources trying to keep the have nots from getting what the haves have, to the detriment of everyone, the haves as well as the have nots.

Back to every human having value: there is a caveat. The value hinges on the potential to think, create, solve problems. Those activities depend on information and communication. You cannot solve problems with disinformation. People who continually lie, withold information, attempt to limit conversation not only destroy their own potential but also may reduce of the potential of those they may influence. When there is no longer any gain to be made by such defeating behavior it would largely disappear.