Marketing division of Man

Captitalism must divide to work. It must divide Man from Nature, in order to justify raping Nature for profit. It must divide Woman from Man in order to make Woman less and only a servant to Man. The same for the construct of race and ethnicity. Capitalism must divide.

The ultimate division is to break down society to individuals vying for survival. You will work harder for the capitalist class if you are led to believe that you must beat everyone else in order to survive. "I must work harder than my co-workers if I am to eat and keep a roof." "If my co-workers work harder, they will get my food and my roof."

In the recent past, after stealing community from us, the captialist class tried to sell it back to us...the right mouth wash, living in the right neighborhood, driving the right car would reconnect us.

Now, the marketers are on to the next level. You no longer need connections, or community, at all. In order to "succeed" you must now "turn heads", "be noticed", be the belle of the ball. In other words, "you plebes are catching on to the fact that the right products will not give you feelings of connections, so we say to you, you don't need connections at all; you need to separate yourself from those around you. This brings marketing in line with the need of capitalism to divide.