The New Economy

The New Economy: a distributive, regenerative economy; the donut economy; a butterfly economy; by any name, an economy that is sustainable and allows humanity to appropriately participate in the Earth's natural systems and is a bottom up economy.

There has been only a little work done on how, as citizens, we can bring it about. So, I'm working on suggestions.

Take your money out of the big banks and put it into small regional banks or, better, credit unions. Move your debt to those institutions as well. Your debt is the bank's "wealth". Push for community banks, banks owned and operated by the community and any profit is plowed back into the community.

Take part in the sharing economy. Use Uber or Lyft, as you can. If your area has them and you are able, use the burgeoning, on demand scooter and bicycle services. Forget "neither a borrower nor a lender be:. Let your neighbors know that your tools, kitchen ware, etc are things you'd be willing to share. Encourage your neighbors to share by sharing.

Shop local, whenever you can. Even a local franchise of a large retailer is better than a huge corporate owned store. Go to your local farmers markets. Even if you don't buy anything that day, show support by your presence. The same with local crafts shows; encourage the creativity and skill building of your neighbors.

Try your hand at fixing and even making some of the things you need. Check with your neighbors, they may have the tools and skills that you need. YouTube is a great DIY resource. Try your hand at growing your own food. Try growing enough to barter.

Go, sit in a park. Read a book in the library, rather than taking it home. Frequent areas where the commons are nurtured.