No Collusion

Americans did not collude with Russians. Some extremely wealthy people cooperated with other extremely wealthy people. Wealth knows no boundaries, no nations. A prime examply is multinational corporations which owe allegiance to only their share holders. Very wealthy individuals, likewise, give no allegiance to a nation state. Their patriotism is but show for the less than fortunate.

National borders, and the nation states they demark, exist to restrict the flow of information and resources to the less advantaged, keeping them dependent on the very rich.

The happy juxtaposition of the internet, which has penetrated the veil of national borders, and the "ascension" of one of the 1% is allowing us to see more of the behavior patterns of wealth that have existed for quite some time. The patterns are not new, only our awareness of them.

Indoctrinated, for centuries, in the importance of "Nation", by those who created the borders, to keep us subjugated, we are "rattled to our core" by seeing the total disregard of the extremely wealthy for boundaries which exist only to hide their behavior. The wealthy keep us down, trying to keep us from peering over the fence that they erected, the fence they ignore to consolidate their position.