An insight into the "American Dream" home ownership.

Ownership is very strictly a human concept, and apparently late in human development. It is thought the concept arose in Mongolia with a particularly sociopathic warlord who decided he had the might to claim he owned land and could forcte others to pay rent to use it.

Doesn't this supposed history play wight along with the European/colonial idea of the alpha male, (toxic) masculinity, competition imposed on human society for goods made scarce by capitalism.

The American Dream to be powerful enough to steal from the commons and claim ownership of something.

This is "ownership" as opposed to "rights to", such as Indigenous "hunting rights". An indigenous tribe or nation may claim rights to hunt in a territory, but never ownership of it. The land belonged to the creative force, which granted use of. An indigenous tribe might go to war over rights to use, but could not conceive of exchanging use of a territory in exchange for something else of value (charging rent).