Rights and Obligations

In the era of masking and anti-masking, routine mass shootings and 2nd Ammendment defenses, tennant/landlord battles, there is much, way too much, discussion of "rights" or "freedom". This discussion misses the point of Living.

The concept of rights comes from an era of separation, and is at its root, competitive and adversarial. People have "rights to", which means they are battling an exterior force that tries to deny that. People have "rights (or "freedom") from" another outside force, separate from the individual. "Rights of" is usually to impose something on a separate "other".

Rights create boundaries. "Your rights end where my rights begin". Adversity: "my rights supercede yours". Because of the competitive nature of rights (mine vs yours) it is all too easy begin to see rights as a zero sum pie: "more rights for you means less rights for me".

Rights define and foment separation at a time in Man's growth, and even His existence, is becoming dependent on connection. We should be discussing, and opening our minds to the concept of obligation. We have obligations to each other, to Community/the Commons, to culture, to Nature. When you consider your obligations to others, for providing food, providing roads and other infrastructure, providing outlets for creativity you realize the reality of your connectedness to the rest of humanity. When you consider your obligations to Nature, for providing clean water, oxygen, and a constant energy input, you recognize your connection to your natural roots. Obligations become intricately entwined, drawing people and Nature together, eliminating boundaries and separation.