Downfall of Democracy

I am not a fan of "small d" democracy.

Democracy, first, is an iteration of "might makes right". The person/party with the most votes wins, gets their way, and drags everyone else along. Even the idea of "compromise" is basically agreeing to give up something, if someone else does. Other models allow for the creation of a synthesis of ideas, in which everyone "wins".

Democracy is about garnering votes, rather than solving problems. A great many resources are expended in getting votes, which may or may not actually solve a problem. Nancy Pelosi, during the debates about the Affordable Care Act removed "single payer" from the table--because it couldn't get enough votes. "Single payer" could have been a viable option had we been able to discuss it. Paul Ryan removed "sensible gun control" from the debate, because it didn't have the votes. Yet, it could have been a viable solution to the gun violence in this country, had the discussion been allowed to continue.

The third, and biggest threat to the continued existence of Humanity, is the thread that runs through democracy that says, "My ignorance is as powerful as your knowledge". Man has never profited by ignorance.