The Oligarchy's Battle Against Social Man

I saw, recently, on social media a statement about man's social behavior, or rather lack of it, pointing out the behavior of people during the afternoon commute.

Contrary to the poor example set by commuters, Man is a social animal, surviving only because we are. Early on, we joined together to hunt for food and to protect each other. Despite pressures from our economic overlords, we manage to come together to mutually aid each other following disasters.

Man's apparent anti social behaviors are the result of our current "overlords". Among them an economy that must grow, whether we thrive or not. We've been convinced that continual over consumption and continual acquisition of things is what defines us. We must acquire more than the fellow in the car next to us. "We are pressured to buy things we don't need, with money we don't have, to make impressions that won't last, on people we don't care about." Why do children turn up their nose at healthy food in school cafeterias (not all of it is, but some school systems are at least trying) but readily gorge on the unhealthy fast food available around the corner? I suspect a 14 billion dollar advertising budget has a lot to with it.

Boot strappers, the rugged individualists types who, at the urgings of the oligarchy refuse to see that their bootstraps are actually other people and their contributions, are encouraged to look down on others, doubt other's worth, which fits right into the narrative of the 1%. I suspect that almost 0% of the boot strappers weaned themselves, potty trained themselves, developed language, learned to communicate, built their own homes, roads, places of business, and created customers for their business. As much as America loves the self made man, he's a myth. The rugged individualist is a fable perpetuated by the 1% to keep the 99% fractured and ineffectual.

If you examine the 1%, they are very social. They work together very well to keep the rest of us from doing so. Their overlapping and criss crossed board memberships serve them well, and us badly. They conspired together to create nations, and teach us to honor them when all nations do is teach us scarcity: scarcity of resources, which isn't real, scarcity of information. Nations exist to benefit the oligarchy, not the rest of us. In addition to dividing us, and keeping us from resources (which artificially makes us competitive rather than cooperative), national borders provide screens behind which the oligarchy operates. Trump and Putin has nothing to do with national sovereignty, nor treason. The oligarchs operate, constantly, extranationally to strengthen their positions. Trump is not acting as an American. Putin is not acting as a Russian. They are both oligarchs cooperating to strengthen their positions. Nationality has nothing to do with it.