Wealth and Survival

We have, for several decades had the capacity to provide for, to sustain the entire population of Space Ship Earth. The problem lays in the fact that we lack the will and understanding to do so.

We have wrongly defined wealth. We use definitions of wealth as decreed by central banking organisations. Decreed wealth is simply someone else's debt. As defined, “wealth” is a zero sum game. Not operational. When “what I have” is someone else”s “what I owe” the sum is zero, and hence, not operational. It's ability to affect Man's survival on spaceship earth is nil. Redefine “wealth” as a “measure of ability to sustain metaphysical activity for N number of forward days” and see a whole new future for Mankind. “Metaphyscial activity”, by the way, means, basically “thinking”. With a new and more realistic definition of wealth, we can arrive at a new understanding of "worth" of a human being. Our old way of thinking equates worth with "career" or "place in society". With a new definition of worth, people of worthy of surviving simply because they can carry on metaphysical activity, they can THINK. Thinking, solving problems, is part of the human genome. Worth has nothing to do with how much money one has, nor what position one has in society. If you think people are poor because they can't contribute, you've been listening to repressive regimes for too long. Your problems are not the result of people “poorer” than you. Your problems are the result of government wanting you to have problems. Robotics/automation and globalisation are not problems. They are ways of doing more with less.

Doing more with less has been the goal of humanity since humanity existed. What we cannot miss is the fact that humans have worth, whether are are “working” or not. Humans think! Globalisation and automation are opportunities for people to become more educated, and to spend more time forging solutions to the problems that are threatening to eliminate Man.

Should a person have skills which are currently in use, great! They can have the large house, and the exquisite diet, but that can be done while still providing sustenance to those who are yet to acquire skills or are simply figuring out their existence. The person who makes the next leap in transporting goods to a global economy might be a hightly paid engineer, or it might be someone lazily fishing from a dock, watching a boat go by.